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Note: This is a mirror based the thread from the VGMP3 forum.



Many commands can be activated simply by typing them into the console. The default console key on American keyboards is tilde "~". Keybinds are even more convenient, so you only need to press a key to execute a command. In fact, some RPG specific commands will only work with keybinds.

You can bind most keys in-game by opening the console and typing set input <name of key> <command>
For example, to bind toss artifact to the key "," you would type set input comma tossartifact This FAQ also appears on the f12 menu if you prefer to set up your binds in-game.

You can set commands while not in-game by editing your User.ini file located in UT2004/System. This file can be edited with notepad, or more advanced text editors, like
Notepad++. Important: Exit UT2004 or Unreal Editor before saving any edits to your ini files; both save ini files while shutting down, which will override your changes. It is recommended that you back up any ini files that you edit manually - just copy it and give it a new name like User_old.ini.

The same command saved in your ini file would look like:

You can also chain commands by using a vertical line "|" (Shift + the backslash key.) For example, to have select Healing Blast and select Shield Blast bound to the same key you would end up with:

NumPad1=SelectHealingBlast | SelectShieldBlast

or to quickly use your shield:

MiddleMouse=SwitchWeapon 1 | AltFire | Onrelease SwitchToLastWeapon

Artifacts Command list:
Note that some artifact binds don't always work and will select the wrong artifact from time to time. Note that there are currently no binds for engineer artifacts beside shield blast.

SelectTriple - Selects Triple Damage
SelectGlobe - Globe of Invulnerability
SelectMWM - Magic Weapon Maker
SelectDouble - Double Magic Modifier
SelectMax - Max Magic Modifer
SelectPlusOne - PlusOne Modifier
SelectRod - Lightning Rod
SelectBolt - Lightning Bolt
SelectBeam - Lightning Beam
- Medic Weapon Maker
SelectFlight -Boots of Flight
SelectMagnet - ElectroMagnet
- Sphere of Invulnerability
SelectSphereHeal - Healing Sphere
SelectSphereDamage - Damage Sphere
- Remote Invulnerability
SelectRemoteMax - Remote Max Modifier
SelectChain - Chain Lightning
SelectFireBall -FireBall
SelectRemoteBooster - Remote Booster

RPG Commands:
DropHealth - throws 25 health as a navy cross pickup
DropAdrenaline - throws 25 adrenaline as a big adrenaline pill
tossartifact - tosses current artifact. (Some artifacts can not be thrown)
InventoryNext - Next Artifact
InventoryPrevious Previous Artifact
InventoryActivate Use Artifact

Pet Commands:
AttackEnemy will force pets to attack the target you are looking at. This command must be executed while your crosshair is on the target.
Follow will order your pets to the default style.
Stay will force your pets to hold their current position.

Some General UT2004 commands:
Toggle bDuck - to toggle crouching
Toggle bfire - to autofire primary fire
Toggle bAltfire - to autofire secondary fire (Very useful for engineer link)
Stat fps - shows Frames Per Second counter
Stat net - shows network data
Stat all - shows all kinds of data
Stat none - removes all stat counters from screen
SwitchWeapon - Switches to the selected weapon.
SwitchToLastWeapon - Switches to the previously selected weapon
PipedSwitchWeapon - allows you to have several weapons bound to one key. The first weapon in sequence will be selected if you currently have it, then the next, and so on. Examples: PipedSwitchWeapon 7 | PipedSwitchWeapon 8 | PipedSwitchWeapon 6 which will select flak, rockets, or mini (in that order) or PipedSwitchWeapon 9 | SwitchToLastWeapon which selects the LG or switches to the previous weapon.
SwitchToBestWeapon - Switches to the weapon highest in your weapon priorty list in your user.ini
playvehiclehorn 0 - Normal horn sound
playvehiclehorn 1 - Alternate horn sound
randomtaunt - causes your character to use a random taunt animation
Teamsay - Text appears to team members.
SpeechMenuToggle - Taunt and orders menu.
Say - Text appears to all players.
Suicide - Kill yourself. If you are stuck in a vehicle or turret and have the vehicle eject skill, you will be ejected and have 1 HP.
ChangeCharacter - Change to another skin. For example, ChangeCharacter Xan (You must respawn for it to take effect.)
SetName - Change to a different name, and therefore, RPG character.
speech ACK 0 - "Affirmative!" taunt
speech OTHER 7 - "Negative!" taunt
speech OTHER 30 - "Medic!" taunt

Speech Variables:
Must be used with Teamsay. Example: Y=Teamsay I'm passing out a %W %L would give a result like "I'm passing out a Lucky Rocket Launcher +7 near the Rocket Launcher (Green Corridor)"

%W - Weapon held
%L - Location
%H - Health amount
%S - Shield amount
%A - Adrenaline amount
*Note: Please don't add unnecessary info on a "Help me!" bind. Don't make it much longer than Y=Teamsay Heal me please! %H %S %L. Adding in your weapon, adren, or a bunch of extra words to that bind will only confuse and annoy other players, delay them healing you, and will be considered spam. The same will goes for any "funny" or "joke" keybinds.

Weapon List:
Weapon 0=Redeemer / Painter
Weapon 1=Shield / Utility Rifle
Weapon 2=Assault / Monster Avril
Weapon 3=Bio / Mine Layer
Weapon 4=Shock / Equalizer
Weapon 5=Link
Weapon 6=Mini
Weapon 7=Flak
Weapon 8=Rocket Launcher
Weapon 9=Lightning / Sniper / Mercury Launcher

Partial Key List:
For a full list, see your User.ini. For letter and number keys type the corresponding letter or number. For the number pad, type NumPad0 etc. GreySlash etc. are on the Number pad. If you have a keyboard or mouse with special keys these are the "UnknownAA" etc. entries. You can identify these keys by making binds such as this: UnknownA9=Say UnknownA9


Interface Tweaks

Use letters instead of numbers to select taunts and bot commands

Open your UT2004.ini and search for


Change it to True.

Turn off Invasion Radar "Beep" Sound

Open your user.ini and search for bNoRadarSound=

Change it from False to True. There might be several instances of it, change it on each one. For example:



Also, in these examples I've moved the radar position to the left side of the screen, away from the level up gauge. You can place yours wherever you'd like by changing those values.

Unlock ClanLord, Malcolm and Xan

Open your User.ini.

Search for


Change it to


Remove Nvdia intro

Open UT2004.ini. Change




Change/Remove Loading Screen Hints

The standard messages are stored in I suggest backing up the file first before editing. To change Team DM and Invasion hints search for:


and change as desired. If you change the text to

TGHints=(" ")

No hints will be displayed, only the map name. Also change DMHints and CTFHints as desired. Assault hints are stored in and ONS hints are stored in

Another option is to use Mapmixer's connecting class which will display the map author and map description on the loading screen.

Download this file:

Open UT2004.ini and search for


Change it to


(NOTE: this connecting class does not work properly with the OpenGL renderer, will cause menu overlays to be offset. Also some servers run anti-cheat mutators that will not allow you to join with this class active. Just switch it back to the normal connecting class if that happens.)

Additional Loading Screens

In addition to the various loading screen packs made by various modders including me, there are a number of loading screens that you can unlock just by editing your ini file.

Open your User.ini file and search for:


You'll see just the following lines if you've never edited this section:


Notice that loading screen 2 is repeated twice. Loading screen 3 is a picture of Xan, one of the boss characters, just change the 2 to a 3. In addition there are a number of textures from the single player campaign and other texture packages, such as skies, that also make good loading screens. Here is a list that you can paste into your user.ini:


You can add pretty much any texture you want to this list. 1024x1024 textures work best. Smaller textures will be tiled. Just browse through texture packages in UnrealEd and add the texture names in the format Backgrounds=TexturePackage.Group.TextureName. I recommend adding only base textures, not shaders, finalblends, texpanners, texenvmaps, etc. If you like "nightmare" or "evil" textures, try the H_E_L_Ltx and abbaddon packages.

ADVANCED: Making your own loading screens

You can also make your own loading screens from screenshots, artwork, desktop wallpaper, photos, anything. You'll need to size them to 1024x1024 in a photo editor, and save as .bmp or .tga. Any power of 2 (512x256, 128x128, 16x1024) will also work, but will be tiled. If you look at the official loading screens in the 2k4Menus.utx texture package, you'll see there is a black bar at the bottom of the texture; this part of the texture will not be seen. No matter what your monitor resolution, only the upper 1024x768 area will visible, so adjust your textures accordingly.

Open UnrealEd and click on the texture browser (the picture icon on the top) and then import. Make sure to create a new package when importing the textures into the texture browser (just type in a new name into the "package" prompt.) Once you import the textures, right click them and compress to DXT1. Right click again and click on properties, then texture. Change the LODSet to LODSet_Interface. (This is what controls textures looking blurry for people with low texture settings.) Save your new package before exiting.

The next step is to add the appropriate entries to your user.ini. The format is the same as the above examples; you just put in your package's name and each texure's name.


To make widescreen loading screens, do this: Make the visible area 1366x768, which is a 16:9 aspect ratio. Then resize to a width of 1024 (full texture must still be 1024x1024.) It's also possible to make hi-res loading screens by creating 2048x2048 images and using a texscaler. See here for an example.

IMPORTANT: Do not edit any existing texture packages, just make new ones. If you save over an existing texture that is used on a server, it will create a file mismatch and you will be unable to join until you remove or restore the texture.

File Management

Change Cache Purge Interval

Open Ut2004.ini. Search for PurgeCacheDays. The default value is 30 days. This means that UT2004 normally deletes any cached files that are older than 30 days old, making you redownload files when joining servers. Change it to a higher value so that automatic deletion doesn't happen as frequently.

Install Maps from Your Cache

You can install maps and other assets from your cache, located in the folder UT2004/Cache. You can use a cache extractor like UT2004mi. Or open cache.ini with notepad and look at the lines like this:


To manually install DM-AwesomeMap, find the file named 231ABC444CCC123.uxx in your cache folder. Rename it to DM-AwesomeMap.ut2 and put it in your Maps folder. Sometimes a map might need extra files to run. Usually they're easy to identify and they'll appear next to the map in the cache list. In this example, DM-AnotherCoolMap needs AnotherCoolMapTextures to run. Rename them, and put them in the correct folders to install.

*.ukx files go in /Animations
*.ut2 files go in /Maps
*.uax files go in /Sounds
*.usx files go in /StaticMeshes
*.utx files go in /Textures
*.u files go in /System

NOTE: .U files (mutators) are rarely needed by maps. If you install a mutator from your cache, it will work for any map that needs the file, but you won't be able to activate it normally from the mutator menu without its other needed files, which are not sent to your cache.

If a map didn't install successfully, check your UT2004.log. You'll see something like this:

Progress: Exporting DM-SweetMap...
Warning: Failed to load 'Randomlynamedtexturepackage': Can't find file for package 'Randomlynamedtexturepackage'
Warning: Failed to load 'DM-SweetMap': Can't find file for package 'Randomlynamedtexturepackage'
Warning: Failed to load 'LevelSummary DM-SweetMap.LevelSummary': Can't find file for package 'Randomlynamedtexturepackage'
Warning: Error loading DM-SweetMap !

Install the file "Randomlynamedtexturepackage" to fix. If you installed it, confirm you named it correctly and put it into the correct folder. It's also possible a map has more than one missing resource. Only one will be listed in your log at a time. Check it again and it will show the next missing file.

Change Folder Structure

Open Ut2004.ini. Search for [Core.System]. You'll see a list like this:


You can change the path of any individual folder. Since the OGG format is recognized by just about everything (except Windows Media Player), you might want your UT2004 music in the same folder as the rest of your music collection. Just specify the a new folder path, like this:

MusicPath=C:/My Music/UnrealMusic

Note that Paths=../Music/*.umx is ignored, left over from when Unreal games used the umx music format.

To change the location of other folders, just do the same but with the "Paths" option.



This is useful if you're running low on space on a hard drive. You can move all the UT2004 files to a different hard drive on your computer except System using this method. Or if you're using Steam, you can move most UT files to a more convenient folder.

You can also specify additional folders for UT to use. Add them to the list below the main folders. You can do a couple of things with this trick. First, you can keep the default UT assets separate from custom ones you've installed. Second, you can set up a "test" folder for mods you aren't sure you want to install so you can quickly remove them. Lastly, you can make assets from other mods and total conversions available in the main game (WARNING: Some conversions might be glitchy or crash when accessed from the main game.)

Setting up a "Test" directory: First make a new folder called "Test" in your UT2004 folder. Then make new folders for all the UT file types. Copy them and put them in a sub folder called "Folder Structure" or similar. When you're done testing something, you can quickly delete all folders except the "Folder Structure" folder. Then copy all the folders from "Folder Structure" to set it back up again.

Add these to your ini:

Command Line Testing

If you have done any mapping or modding, you should find this useful. Make a new text file and save it in your UT2004/System folder. Change its file extenstion from txt to bat. I recommend giving it a name like "AAAAATesting.bat" so it will appear at the beginning of your System folder when sorted by name.

Add the following and save:

@echo off
UT2004.exe CTF-FaceClassic?game=Xgame.xDeathMatch?mutator=XGame.MutInstaGib;XGame.MutQuadJump;UnrealGame.MutLowGrav

Right click the bat file and "Send to Desktop" to make a shortcut. Then you can click on the shortcut and UT2004 will automatically start on the specified map, game mode, and mutators. In this example, you will play DM on Face Classic with Instagib, Quad Jump and Low Gravity active. See here for a list of default mutators:

Switching Between User.ini Configs

Make another .bat file in UT2004/System as above and link to your desktop.
Paste in the following and save:

@echo off
UT2004.exe -userini=UserTwo.ini

Optionally copy your User.ini and name it UserTwo.ini; if not, a new ini will be created using UT2004's default settings. You can set up this alternate ini for another person using your computer, or to use with a different RPG character that has different keybinds.

Taunt Animations

-=AG=- at Beyond Unreal wrote this comprehensive guide to taunts animations and Speech Commands. All of these commands can be made keybinds.

These default Taunt Animations can be used for every character and race.

-=Taunt Animations=-

taunt ThroatCut = Hand to throat and pulls across throat. Or Dual Hands Across Throat.
taunt AssSmack = Puts hand to arse and smacks it. Females kiss first then smack.
taunt PThrust = Pelvic thrust.

taunt Gesture_Point = Points in the facing direction.
taunt Gesture_halt = Holds up in a halt/stop signal.
taunt Gesture_Cheer = A special cheer for your character.
taunt Gesture_Beckon = Waves arm in a come over here way.

taunt Specific_1 = Unique: Does a Flex motion for all races males except the Gen Mo 'Kai, and the Juggernaut females also Flex. All other females from other races do a butt shake. The Gen Mo 'Kai do a 2 leg kick from one leg to the other for both genders.

These are specific to the race.

Gorge, Cannonball, Frostbite, Arclite, Rylisa, Ambrosia, Reinha, Siren.

taunt idle_character01 = Back Scratch: Scratches the back
taunt idle_character02 = Head Scratch: Scratches the head
taunt Gesture_Taunt01 = Stomp: Stomps foot, and hand does a come over here action.
taunt Gesture_Taunt02 = Moon: Turns bends over and points to his/her arse.

Mekkor, Skrilax, Dominator, Drekorig, Skakruk, Guardian, Clanlord, Kraargod, Gkublok.

taunt idle_character01 = Idle = Rests Weapon on shoulder and 1 hand on hip.
taunt idle_character03 = Scan = Scans For enemies with his predator device on his arm.
taunt Gesture_Taunt01 = Finger = kiss to the air.
taunt Gesture_Taunt02 = Hair Flip = Kneels on one knee and Bows the Head.
taunt Gesture_Taunt03 = Slash = Swipes violently.

-=Gen Mo`Kai=-Damarus, Motig, Komek, Selig, Mokara, Faraleth, Makreth, Nebri.

taunt idle_character01 = Gun Check = Reloads Gun
taunt idle_character02 = 360 = Jumps 360 degrees and then waves arms in a TADA! way.
taunt Gesture_Taunt01 = Tail Wag = Turns around and wiggles arse in your face.
taunt Gesture_Taunt02 = Dismissal = Waves as in go away noob.

Thorax, Widowmaker, Cobalt, Corrosion, Mandible, Syzygy, Rapier, Renegade.

Virus, Xan, Cyclops, Axon, Enigma, Cathode, Divisor, Matrix.

taunt Gesture_Taunt01 = Want some: Wacks Hand on chest as in, want some of me?

These are gender specific and most races here have the same taunts.

-=ThunderCrash=- = Malcolm, Jackob, Othello, Riker.
-=Mercenary=- = Brock, Wraith, Romulus, Torch, Remus.
-=Hellion=- = Garrat, Baird, Kane, Outlaw, Kaela.
-=MetalGuard=- = Barktooh, Karag.
-=Necris=- = Kargoth, Thannis.

taunt idle_character01 = Team Idle = Weapon Hand On Shoulder, other hand on hip.
taunt Gesture_Taunt01 = Team Taunt = Kiss To The Air.

-=ThunderCrash=- = Aryss, Tamika, Azure, Annika.
-=Mercenary=- = Lauren, Prism, Sapphire, Blackjack, Satin.
-=Hellion=- = Greith, Zorina, Ophelia, Rae.

taunt idle_character01 = Team Idle = Lowers the hands to the side and looks left and right.
taunt Gesture_Taunt01 = Team Taunt = Up Yours.

-=Egyptian=- = Scarab, Roc, Horus, Hyena.

taunt Idle_Character02 = Team Idle: Sits Down For A While.
taunt Gesture_Taunt02 = Team taunt: Kneels On one Knee and bows the head.

-=Egyptian=- = Diva, Asp, Memphis, Cleopatra.

taunt Idle_Character02 = Team Idle = Arms to the side and cracks the neck in a rotating movement.
taunt Gesture_Taunt02 = Team Taunt = Hands Above head and does an Egyptian wiggle.

-=Nightmare=- = Brutalis, Mr Crow, Ravage, Harlequin, Abaddon.

taunt Idle_Character03 = Team Idle = Wipes the weapon arm in an upward motion.
taunt Gesture_Taunt03 = Team Taunt = Swipes violently.

-=Nightmare=- = Female: Lilith, Domina, Fate, Subversa.

taunt Idle_Character03 = Team Idle = Kneels down a bit and makes a fist as in "YES!"
taunt Gesture_Taunt03 = Team Taunt = Both Arms up, then nods head, then waves arms sideways.

Speech Commands

-=AG=- at Beyond Unreal wrote this comprehensive guide to taunts animations and Speech Commands. All of these commands can be made keybinds.

Some of these are inappropriate for use on the server. Be careful when using custom voice packs as sometimes regular taunts are mapped to the same slots as mature taunts. Anyone who doesn't have your voice pack will hear the mature taunt.

These can be used by any character.

speech ack 0 = "Affirmative"
speech ack 1 = "Got it!"
speech ack 2 = "I'm on it!"
speech ack 3 = "Roger"

Friendly Fire
speech friendlyfire 0 = "I'm On Your Team!"
speech friendlyfire 1 = "I'm On Your Team, Idiot!"
speech friendlyfire 2 = "Same Team!"

speech order 0 = "Defend The Base"
speech order 1 = "Hold This Position"
speech order 2 = "Attack"
speech order 3 = "Cover Me"
speech order 4 = "Search and Destroy"

speech other 0 = "Base is undefended!"
speech other 1 = "Somebody get our flag back!"
speech other 2 = "I've got the flag"
speech other 3 = "I've got your back"
speech other 4 = "I'm hit!"
speech other 5 = "Man down!"
speech other 6 = "I'm all alone here"
speech other 7 = "Negative!"
speech other 8 = "I've got our flag"
speech other 9 = "I'm in position %l"
speech other 10 = "I'm going in!"
speech other 11 = "Area is secure"
speech other 12 = "Enemy flag carrier is %l"
speech other 13 = "I need some backup"
speech other 14 = "Incoming!"
speech other 15 = "Enemy ball carrier is %l"
speech other 16 = "Alpha secure!"
speech other 17 = "Bravo secure!"
speech other 18 = "Attack Alpha"
speech other 19 = "Attack Bravo"
speech other 20 = "The base is under attack %l"
speech other 21 = "We're being overrun %l!"
speech other 22 = "Under heavy attack %l"
speech other 23 = "Defend point Alpha"
speech other 24 = "Defend point Bravo"
speech other 25 = "Get The Ball"
speech other 26 = "I'm on defense"
speech other 27 = "I'm on offense"
speech other 28 = "Take point Alpha"
speech other 29 = "Take point Bravo"
speech other 30 = "Medic"
speech other 31 = "Nice"

Generic Taunts
speech taunt 0 ="And Stay Down"
speech taunt 1 ="Anyone Else Want Some?"
speech taunt 2 ="Boom!"
speech taunt 3 ="BURN Baby"
speech taunt 4 ="Die *****"
speech taunt 5 ="Eat THAT"
speech taunt 6 ="You Fight Like Nali"
speech taunt 7 ="Is That Your Best?"
speech taunt 8 ="Kiss My Ass"
speech taunt 9 ="Loser"
speech taunt 10 ="MY House"
speech taunt 11 ="Next!"
speech taunt 12 ="Oh YEAH!"
speech taunt 13 ="Ownage"
speech taunt 14 ="Seeya"
speech taunt 15 ="That HAD To Hurt"
speech taunt 16 ="Useless"
speech taunt 17 ="You Play Like A Girl"
speech taunt 18 ="You Be Dead"
speech taunt 19 ="You Like That?"
speech taunt 20 ="You *****"

These are the special Taunts given to each specific race. Some of these are depending upon which sex you use.

Alien Voice
speech taunt 21 = "Blow me"
speech taunt 22 = "Camper!"
speech taunt 23 = "Douche bag!"
speech taunt 24 = "Spammer!"
speech taunt 25 = "Sucker"
speech taunt 26 = "Talk to the hand"
speech taunt 27 = "You ****!"

Juggernaut Female Voice
speech taunt 21 = "Life Is Pain, Get Over It"
speech taunt 22 = "Right Between The Eyes"
speech taunt 23 = "Tag 'Em And Bag 'Em"
speech taunt 24 = "That Was Nasty"
speech taunt 25 = "You Bleed Better Than You Shoot"
speech taunt 26 = "You Suck"
speech taunt 27 = "Lick me"
speech other 32 = "I Can't Feel My Legs"
speech other 33 = "Nice Shot"

Juggernaut Male Voice
speech taunt 21 = "Life Is Pain, Get Over It"
speech taunt 22 = "Right Between The Eyes"
speech taunt 23 = "Tag 'Em And Bag 'Em"
speech taunt 24 = "That Was Nasty"
speech taunt 25 = "You Bleed Better Than You Shoot"
speech taunt 26 = "You Suck"
speech other 32 = "I Can't Feel My Legs"
speech other 33 = "Nice Shot"

Mercenary Female Voice
speech taunt 21 = "Duck Faster Next Time"
speech taunt 22 = "Hold Still Dammit"
speech taunt 23 = "Holy ****"
speech taunt 24 = "Just Hold Still And I'll Make It Quick"
speech taunt 25 = "Kill Em All"
speech taunt 26 = "Nailed Him"
speech taunt 27 = "Not Even Close"
speech taunt 28 = "Step Aside"
speech taunt 29 = "Suck On This"
speech taunt 30 = "Try Turning The Safety Off"
speech other 32 = "Not Bad"

Mercenary Male Voice
speech taunt 21 = "Duck Faster Next Time"
speech taunt 22 = "Hold Still Dammit"
speech taunt 23 = "Holy ****"
speech taunt 24 = "Just Hold Still And I'll Make It Quick"
speech taunt 25 = "Kill Em All"
speech taunt 26 = "Nailed Him"
speech taunt 27 = "Not Even Close"
speech taunt 28 = "Step Aside"
speech taunt 29 = "Suck On This"
speech taunt 30 = "Try Turning The Safety Off"
speech taunt 31 = "You Die Too Easily"
speech other 32 = "Not Bad"

Night Voice
speech taunt 21 = "Fresh Meat"
speech taunt 22 = "I Must Break You"
speech taunt 23 = "I'll Swallow Your Soul"
speech taunt 24 = "Lost Is Your Soul"
speech taunt 25 = "Meet Your Executioner"
speech taunt 26 = "My Name Is Death"
speech taunt 27 = "No Tears Please.."
speech taunt 28 = "Pain Will Purify You"

Robot Voice
speech taunt 21 = "Die Human"
speech taunt 22 = "Faster Stronger Better"
speech taunt 23 = "Fear Me"
speech taunt 24 = "Flesh Is A Design Flaw"
speech taunt 25 = "My Victory Your Death"
speech taunt 26 = "Not Unacceptable"
speech taunt 27 = "Rogue Process Terminated"
speech taunt 28 = "Witness My Perfection"
speech taunt 29 = "You Die Too Easily"
speech taunt 30 = "You Make Easy Prey"
speech taunt 31 = "Your Programming Is Inferior"
speech other 32 = "Rerouting Critical Systems"
speech other 33 = "You Adapt Well"